Space Coast Comixx target market are smoke shops, cafés, restaurants, hotels, laundromats, Universities, pizza shops, arcades, comic shops, health food stores, vintage record shops, and so many more locations. The magazine is everywhere you find people shopping and out having fun. So you will be seen by all types of people in all walks of life as we are a rich source of entertainment and public information and our rates are very low.


 While there are plenty of free monthly magazines, and each unique in themselves, we offer something completely different. Our magazine is a unique blend of comic book storytelling along with featured articles, about local businesses, artist, musicians, and food artisans. We are about pop culture, and this is all brought to the table by our publisher, who is also an artist and has created many of the stories in this magazine himself. Furthermore, he is always seeking other creative individuals to submit their stories, and articles to our publication.


 We here at Space Coast Comixx offer great rates for our print magazine. Yet it just doesn’t end there. The magazine is also in digital format on several different digital magazine host sites, and addition to advertising in our magazine, we will also place your ad on our physical website, plus share your ad and upcoming events on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, WordPress, and Linkedin. All that for one low rate!

Please contact us, to see how we can help your business grow.

 Display Ads are due to us the 10th of each month preceding publication. Paymentis due with ad. No exceptions. You must prepay to get low tiered ad rates, please contact us about discounts.




 Back cover $450

Inside back cover $425

Inside front cover $425

Full Page: $400

Half Page: $300

Banner sized: $225

 Half Banner sized: $110

Discounts apply with commitments of 3 months or more.

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