That’s right everyone I have plans on relaunching SCCX with a brand new #1. This has been on my agenda for a while, but here is my plans on how I’m going to be doing this. I share info on SCCX, Bocas and my brand new title GOLDEN CREME CORP. The SCCX time has been working around the collect and I invite other people to join me in the anthology series SCCX. Along with my the plans I outlined in this video I have my other plans too. This is an evolving world we live in and I look forward in trying to achieve these plans with all your help out there. So anyway everyone.
Also I want to stress we still have 3 days left for Indie Originals competetion over at
Make sure you hurry up and sign up for this. We have categories for Comics, Movies, Music and more.


Welcome back to the world of Space Coast Comixx!! Hopefully you are all doing well out there in the world of Comixx. My name is Jake Estrada and I’m your host for this adventure. Back in 2014 we released our first magazine and we haven’t looked back since. So lets get rolling!! Who is ready for 2020? I am. Who wants a collection of sweet black and white comics? From our vaults? First up is a sweet short from Nick Bruns, about a wrestler who has lost his way, then we have an exciting short horror story about genetically mutated dogs, along with vampire hunters, and down a serial killer story with an exciting twist? Who loves horror? Who loves action? I know we do. Space Coast Comixx is rocketing comixx forward in these sensational pages now. Come down and check us out.

Classic Cover originally drawn by Nino Mesarina!!